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   The beautiful sceneries of Dandong

    Dandong city, named as Andong city before 1965. Back to 6000-7000 years ago, our ancestors first exploited Dandong region into the Neolithic Age, 3500-4000 years ago into the Bronze Age. Dandong is located in the frontier area, it has been military stronghold at previous years. In Xi-Han period (221B.C.-220A.D.), Dandong region was under the jurisdiction of West Anping county. In the early period of Tang Dynasty (618-907), Dandong region was under the jurisdiction of Andong Prefecture, and in Liao Dynasty (916-1125), it was under the jurisdiction of Xuan state, Kai state and Mu state. In Jin Dynasty it was under the jurisdiction of Po-Su state, In Yuan Dynasty it was under the jurisdiction of Po-Sha state, In Ming Dynasty(1368-1644) it was under the jurisdiction of Liaodong state.

    In 1618 the Houjin Dynasty toke the frontier stable policy, which they built wicker fence along Aihe bianmen and Fenghuancheng bianmen to prohibit farming, herding, fishing and hunting, mining beyond the fence. The policy brought havoc to the economy and cultural development. After 1689, Qing Dynasty toke the frontier development policy, this region developed gradually. In 1929 the Dandong was belonged to Liaoning Province. In 1931 the Japanese puppet government changed Liaoning Province to Fengtian Province, Andong County subjected to Fengtian Province. The unconditional surrender of Japan on August of 1945 marks the liberation of Andong in the anti-fascist war, the army of the Communist Party of China garrison the Andong City. Setup Andong province and Andong city.

    After the setup of the People¡¯s Republic of China In 1949, Andong city was praised as heroical city because of the Korea War. From 1949 to 1956, the socialist transformation was almost finished. From 1957 to 1966, under the leadership of the Communist Party of China, the all-around socialist construction started. In the year of 1954, the Liaodong province and Liaoxi province combined together as Liaoning province. Andong city belonged to Liaoning Province. In January 1965, with the approval from the State Council, the city changed its name to Dandong. From 1966 to 1976, like anywhere else, Dandong has also suffered from "Cultural Revolution¡¯.

    After 1976, Dandong paced into the new period of socialism modernization construction, and has achieved great successes one by one both in socialism material civilization and spiritual civilization. In 1985, Xiuyian, Fengcheng and Kuandian county was changed into Manchu autonomy county , in 1992, the Xiuyian Manchu autonomy county hand over to Anshan City. In July 1993, Donggou county changed its name as Donggang city by the approval from the State Council , and in March 1994, Fengcheng Manchu autonomy county changed it name as Fengcheng city by the State Council. Now, Dandong city governs Zhenxing district, Yuanbao district, Zhen¡¯an district, Donggang city, Fengcheng city and Kuandian Manchu autonomy county. Dandong Border Economic Cooperation Zone, a state-level development zone, was authorized and setup by the State Council on July 7,1992.
Geography Location of Dandong

   Dandong is located in the frontier of Northeast of China, at the Northwest bank of YaluRiver in the Southeast of Liaoning Province. It is located in the south of the ChangbaiMountain chain north of the Yellow Sea. Facing the city of Sinuiju of D.P.R.K across the Yalu river. Border upon Benxi city in the north, and Xiuyan County of Anshan city in the northwest and west, Dalian on the southwest, the geography coordinate of the Dandong city downtown is 124¡ã23¡äE and 40¡ã07¡äN, the most distance from east to west of the region are 196 km, and the most distance from north to south of the region are 160 km, With a regional land area of 15,222 square kilometers, among it the downtown area are 832 square kilometers, with the coastline of 93.3 km, there are islands and islets Dalu island and Zhang island etc.

    Dandong is located in the confluence of the YaluRiver and the yellow sea in the south-east of Liaodong Peninsula Economic Opening-up Zone, It is also situated in the central region of Northeast Asian Economic Circle.

    Topography and physiognomy

    Dandong region is a part of Laiodong mountainous and hill region; belong to Branch range outstretched to southwest of Changbai Mountain Chain. The Topography of the region are gradually lower down from northeast to southwest, according to the highness and Topography character of the land, the region may be divided into 3 kinds large scale physiognomy units, they are mid and lowness mountainous area in the north area, hill area in the south area, and coastal plain area in the south most area.

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